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Training, advise and communication support around (future) fuels. All based on real life experiences and fact based data.

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The maritime industry is a dynamic industry with frequent changes to regulation, policy and legislation. EU ETS, ESG reporting and the use of Mass Flow Meters (MFM) for Bunkering are just a few examples. Not every organisation has the knowledge or resources to stay up to date on these changes and that is where C4 fuel can play a role. Whether it is an internal training on specific (future) fuel-related matters or a classroom-based training on the use of MFM for fuel consumption/bunkering, C4 fuel will provide you with the right training offering. All trainings are custom-made and based on real-life experience, gained over many years in different sectors of the maritime industry.

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Are you a shipowner that wants to increase sustainability but just does not know which fuel fits best for your fleet/vessel? Do you need a hand to better understand the different regulations out there and how they apply to your organisation? Or do you just want to learn the operational aspects when choosing between different fuels? Even if you just want to get guidance on where to get the fuel of choice – for any kind of (future) fuel-related advice, C4 fuel is your trusted advisor.

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The road to sustainability is not only about doing the right thing, it is also about communicating your efforts. We’ve seen many examples of maritime stakeholders making a real difference, but not knowing how to communicate that message to a wider audience. Achieving international climate goals is a difficult journey for the whole maritime industry and beyond. Sharing knowledge and spreading the message about fact-based experiences can drive developments and increase impact. Our extensive experience at industry events and on social media channels means you’ll get expert advisory on your messaging and communication needs. By working together, we can create the right message on sustainability gains and the positive impact this will have for your customers and/or stakeholders.

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